Nieves López Martínez: In memoriam

Nieves López Martínez: In memoriam
En la imagen, Nieves López en el yacimiento de Lo Hueco (Fuentes, Cuenca).

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Anónimo dijo...

"Nieves was very aware that the intuitive mind, the essential mind to
execute science, is an experience of awareness rather than
intellectual reasoning, which takes years of mind training and
personal development to conquer.
I remember very vividly the day she introduced me to Palaeooölogy in
Suterranya in the Catalan Pyrenees. Instead of bombarding me with
biomineral and parataxonomical theory on Megaloolithd palaeooötaxa,
she encouraged me to visualise quietly for sometime dinosaur nesting
behaviour from the vertical outline of eggs and eggshells on the
strata; and to feel the soft sandy sediment for a couple of hours from
where we were uncovering dinosaur eggshells.
The clarity of mind I developeded from such direct experience with the
environment I was working, was critical in understanding the aim,
elaborate, and consummate the Masters project. However, I have been
returning alone to the site many times, trying to recapture “something
else” I knew Nieves wanted to transmit me, but, I could not decipher
until her departure.
Nieves, I understand now that the Masters degree or whatever else you
do in life is just accessory. The essential wisdom in life is to
realise that a constant “Clarity of mind” to live moment after moment
with neutral intensity is the key to experience awareness of live.
Nieves posthumous teacher, I cannot thank you for having planted in my
mind such seed of wisdom, but, the seed has finally sprouted, and it
will grow into a tree that will produce many seeds that will pass on
your wisdom.

Godzillin dijo...

Emiliano Aguirre en "El País":
Nieves López Martínez y la paleontología de los pequeños fósiles.